Young Visionaries

Do you know someone with an idea for a project that works toward a vision of change? The International Women’s Health Coalition recently launched their 2010 Young Visionaries Campaign:

At the International Women’s Health Coalition, we are inspired by the activism of young people and their visions for the future of sexual rights and reproductive health.Through our Young Visionaries contest, we aim to celebrate, acknowledge, and support the exceptional and ongoing work of young people.

Our Young Visionaries contest encourages youth to share their visions for young people and the future. Until March 25, 2010 youth between the ages of 18 and 30 can share their visions for a just and healthy life, and get a chance to win a $1000 grant from the International Women’s Health Coalition to fund a project that works toward this vision.

We recently completed a project, in collaboration with Dtek, to design a microsite for the Young Visionaries contest. Built on top of the WordPress platform already being utilized for IWHC’s Akimbo blog, the site allows users to register, nominate a contestant and vote to support their favorite nominees. You can read a more detailed write-up of the site development and WordPress plugins we utilized, courtesy of Andy, over on the Dtek blog.

Check it out and show your support for the visionaries from around the world.

A Passport to Learn Money

Our friends over at Skill-Life Inc. launched their first product this week – the Beta version of CentsCity, an online world packed with games that teach teens and tweens financial skills as they earn rewards from their parents, teachers, and out-of-school providers.

We were happy to work with Felix Lloyd and crew again to design both print and online elements to support the launch of CentsCity. Bad Feather created the CentsCity “passport”, which players receive via snail mail when they sign up. The passport comes with a set of stickers kids can affix to pages for banking, investments, charities, rewards, and general progress as they play online.


We also teamed up with our pals at Dtek to design and develop the container site, CentsCity.com, to house the game, which was created by 360KID. Check it out and invite some youngsters to Learn Money! Earn Rewards!


Dtek Collaboration: GPII.info and Voluntary Universal Healthcare Identitfiers

About a year and a half ago, our pals over at Dtek Digital Media launched a site for VUHID (Voluntary Universal Healthcare Identifier). Since then, a parent company GPII (Global Patient Identifiers Inc) has been formed to sponsor and promote the VUHID project, the goal of which is to make universal healthcare identifiers a realistic solution to the current healthcare system crisis we’re facing in the US.

We worked with Dtek to develop a logo for GPII and update the existing VUHID logo and website design to create a more consistant visual identity. You can check out the website and learn more about the VUHID/GPII project at gpii.info.

Conquering PopSci.com’s Best of What’s New

Recently Bad Feather undertook an ambitious project in partnership with Dtek to build the PopSci.com 2008 Best of What’s New microsite. We worked within an incredibly tight timeline and wrangled a massive amount of editorial content, but the biggest challenge of this project was to build the microsite and integrate it into PopSci’s highly customized Drupal content management system.

Brad worked on the site front-end development with Andy Hieb, who contributed to his Drupal expertise to design the microsite CMS architecture and theme customization. The site launched on November 10th, check it out!

Making websites with Dtek

Last August, Brad and I met developer Andy Hieb at a lunch with some friends in Seattle. It’s now been nearly a year that we’ve been working together with the fine men of Dtek Digital Media, co-founded by Andy and Rhys Daunic in 2000. As they describe themselves, “We are media buffs who believe in the democratizing potential of the Internet and digital technologies”.

What began with some identity and branding work for their web clients, has grown into a partnership between Bad Feather and Dtek to design and build websites. Dtek’s experience in development and coding, focus on usability and accessibility, and fondness of web standards and Free and Open Source Software is the perfect compliment to our own skills and goals as makers of fine websites. Some of our recent projects include Skill-Life, Seattle Performance Medicine and RxCreative.

Check out Andy and Rhys’s other project to promote youth media literacy, themediaspot.org