Back to School Reading List

September is back-to-school month, and this year Brad is going back to school in a new role. He’s teaching a brand spanking new ‘Intro to Web Design’ Class in the Visual Arts Department of Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus. For the past few weeks, in the development of a curriculum and lesson plans, we’ve been thinking about things like the balance between design and code, the importance of a foundation in web standards, and most of all, what to recommend for reading.

Here’s our ‘Intro to Web Design’ reading list for this semester’s new web designers:

Here are some additional getting-started, web-based references:

Once you’ve got the fundamentals under your belt, we recommend you dig a little deeper. Study up on CSS3, HTML5, Web Typography, and our new personal favorite, Responsive Web Design. Below are some of Brad’s top reads on these subjects:

On CSS(sometimes 3):

On HTML (sometimes 5!):

On Responsive Design and Progressive Enhancement:

A few great websites: