Bad Feather Gets Freaky

Last week we proudly launched Freakonomics Radio, produced in partnership with American Public Media’s Marketplace and WNYC, is a project from the authors of the best selling Freakonomics books that includes a weekly podcast, regular segments on Marketplace, and one-hour specials to be broadcast on public-radio stations across the country. Bad Feather designed and developed the website as a place for listers to experience this content as well as a wealth of web extras, including additional audio and articles.

It was an exciting challenge for us to bring a fresh look to this new piece of the well-known Freakonomics empire. In addition to the website design, we also had an opportunity to further develop the branding specific to Freakonomics Radio through the design of a web ad campaign and promotional graphics for the iTunes store.

And if that’s not enough for you, Bad Feather designed illustrated charts and this fancy infographic to accompany the inaugural content at the launch of the website. This included a new podcast, marketplace segment and a web extra, all exploring the hidden side of major league baseball stats.

During our involvement in the project we listened to all the podcasts (there’s plenty of great archival content to be consumed on the site) and can definitely count ourselves among the many fans. Check out for yourself, and if you like what you hear, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and check back for more.