Balls, Rooftops and Wares

A lot is happening as summer gets under way here at the Old American Can Factory, (although you’d never know it’s summer with day after day of rain). This past weekend was the opening night of Rooftop Films, and Sunday we visited the inaugural Market where there were many beautifully designed, handcrafted and delicious wares to be had.

The previous Saturday the Can Factory hosted and collaborated in the NY Architectural League’s Beaux Arts Ball, this year titled “MANUFACTURE”, and it was quite the production. A factory of makers in the garage were silkscreening, sewing, headdress crafting, letterpress printing and so much more. We participated in open studios during the event and were delighted to have partygoers, guests and fellow Can Factory workers stop by to check out our work and load up with Bad Feather promos. Throughout the night we snacked on tacos, dosas and delicious ice cream served from various carts and installations in the courtyard and washed it down with frosty beers. When all the making and tasting and showing was done (we loved watching Lite Brite Neon bend neon), we closed our doors and joined the crowd for one hell of a dance party til the wee hours of the night. Thanks to our special guests and everyone who stopped by to say hi.