Back by Popular Demand

This past summer Sonic Union brought back their now infamous prize wheel. Another season of spinning meant team Bad Feather had an opportunity to redesign the wheel with a whole new set of prizes. We took it as an opportunity to have fun with typography and created a unique design for each of the prizes.

Sonic Union wheel 2010

The 2010 wheel highlights included a dollar bill, mini bar mini bottle, bag full o’ goods from the Union Square green market and tickets to a Broadway show. Check out the the gallery of type treatments:

Email Marketing Party Magic

We had you at magic, right? Bad Feather recently had great success using an email marketing campaign to promote this year’s Sonic Union party. Maybe you’ve seen the self-mailing poster invite we created last year? We got loads of positive feedback on the design and we’re told the party was one for the record books. When we sat down to brainstorm ideas for this year’s party, the folks at Sonic Union were interested in promoting the event digitally. It is 2010 after all, and in addition to being a greener and more interactive approach, we saved some serious cash by eliminating printing and postage.

Aside from rethinking the distribution of the invitation, we wanted to design an invite to reflect Sonic Union’s industry reputation of being darn good party people. On our end the ideas started flowing with the mention of the Zoltar machine that would be one of several party attractions. We created this digital poster design that we felt appropriately conveyed 100% FUN.

Sonic Union 2010 Party Invitation

The poster design was embedded in an HTML email campaign sent to an initial list of invitees. We sent this through a 3rd party service, utilizing their list management capabilities to wrangle the guest list (If you’re wondering, Bad Feather favors Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp for our email mailing list needs). The invite R.S.V.P. linked users to a custom form page which we configured to populate to a second mailing list. By, party attendees were automatically creating a new database of confirmed guests. As the party date grew closer, we were able to use this new mailing list to send reminders to guests and ultimately to export the names of the party-goers to a printable spreadsheet to be checked off by security at the door. It also came in handy when it was time to send some fabulous party photos.

Sonic Union 2010 Party RSVP

Within 24 hours of the initial email invite, more than 25% of the guest list had confirmed attendance. We attribute this to the 2-click ease of the R.S.V.P. process (and of course to the sexy invite design). The week of the party, a reminder email resulted in more than 60% of the guest list, guaranteeing the Sonic Union headquarters would be pretty much at capacity. We Bad Feathers represented at this years shindig and upon arrival the place was, as they say, bumpin’.

Email marketing party magic success!

Shop Bag Online

We recently launched, a custom-themed Big Cartel store for Bag, a Nolita shop that sells gorgeous genuine leather handbags. In addition to carrying such New York brands as Tano, Sabina and Pietro Alessandro, Bag owner Sheryl Lee, recently launched her own house brand of elegant and utilitarian handbags and wallets, simply named Bag.

Shop Bag Online

You can purchase the Bag house brand collection online, and view many more styles from other brands available at the store on Mulberry street.

Bag store

Did Someone Say “Zoltar”?

It’s funny sometimes what sparks ideas, in this case a word.

We’ve been doing quite a bit of image referencing for a project in the works here at Bad Feather. After a good old google image search, our next favorite resource is the New York Public Library’s digital gallery. Take a look at some of the treasures we’ve dug up from the visual depths of the interweb:

(click the thumbnails to view full-size images)

Get Your iPads Ready for Popular Science+

Today PopSci and Bonnier announced Popular Science+, the new digital version of Popular Science magazine available on the iPad. This is the first magazine app to be developed on Bonnier’s Mag+ platform.

Bad Feather designed and built to promote the launch of Popular Science+. Read about the app features and watch the concept videos from BERG to learn about their collaboration with with Popular Science to re-imagine the form of magazines.

And of course, if you have an iPad you should download the April issue from in the iTunes store now! Follow @PopSciPlus on Twitter and tell them what you think of their rad new app.

Perhaps Nicknames are in Order

Pictured above, clockwise from top left: Heather Marold Thomason, Kristen Carlisle, Lan Lam, Brad Thomason

Now, back to work.

Young Visionaries

Do you know someone with an idea for a project that works toward a vision of change? The International Women’s Health Coalition recently launched their 2010 Young Visionaries Campaign:

At the International Women’s Health Coalition, we are inspired by the activism of young people and their visions for the future of sexual rights and reproductive health.Through our Young Visionaries contest, we aim to celebrate, acknowledge, and support the exceptional and ongoing work of young people.

Our Young Visionaries contest encourages youth to share their visions for young people and the future. Until March 25, 2010 youth between the ages of 18 and 30 can share their visions for a just and healthy life, and get a chance to win a $1000 grant from the International Women’s Health Coalition to fund a project that works toward this vision.

We recently completed a project, in collaboration with Dtek, to design a microsite for the Young Visionaries contest. Built on top of the WordPress platform already being utilized for IWHC’s Akimbo blog, the site allows users to register, nominate a contestant and vote to support their favorite nominees. You can read a more detailed write-up of the site development and WordPress plugins we utilized, courtesy of Andy, over on the Dtek blog.

Check it out and show your support for the visionaries from around the world.

Fancy Things

Fancy things are happening within the walls of operation Bad Feather.

Here’s a taste. A type exploration by Lan Lam:

Frontside or Back Bowls

Wow, this blog has gotten a bit dusty! While it’s snowing outside here in Brooklyn, we thought we’d take a moment to tell you about another little project we worked on with SKI Magazine earlier this winter…

The folks at SKI were looking to create an interactive map of Crested Butte that allows readers to follow 2 different skiers on a typical day at the resort. Bad Feather established the art direction for the project and SKI Magazine developed the project in-house. Choose an itinerary and see for yourself what the mountain and town (monster breakfast burrito?) have to offer.

The Bad Feather WordPress Maintenance Spiel

Sweet. You have an awesome, powerful WordPress site that allows you to add and edit content like a crazy web superhero. But as Spidey’s story reminds us, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

WordPress is a complicated machine – a database that organizes, archives and serves up everything you throw at it. Like any other machine, it requires regular attention to make sure it continues to function properly. To continue with the superhero motif, the web has many a super-villain that one must be diligent to thwart; hackers, worms and server crashes, oh my.

In the event of a catastrophe, is your site safe and prepared? Is your data regularly backed up, are your versions up to date and is everything running smoothly? If your site crashed, are you sitting pretty with the knowledge that you can restore the entire site in a few clicks? If so, carry on, soldier. If not, keep reading… Continue reading →