Making websites with Dtek

Last August, Brad and I met developer Andy Hieb at a lunch with some friends in Seattle. It’s now been nearly a year that we’ve been working together with the fine men of Dtek Digital Media, co-founded by Andy and Rhys Daunic in 2000. As they describe themselves, “We are media buffs who believe in the democratizing potential of the Internet and digital technologies”.

What began with some identity and branding work for their web clients, has grown into a partnership between Bad Feather and Dtek to design and build websites. Dtek’s experience in development and coding, focus on usability and accessibility, and fondness of web standards and Free and Open Source Software is the perfect compliment to our own skills and goals as makers of fine websites. Some of our recent projects include Skill-Life, Seattle Performance Medicine and RxCreative.

Check out Andy and Rhys’s other project to promote youth media literacy,