Radius Books in the Bad Feather library

Big thanks to our pals over at Radius Books who have so generously gifted 5 (!) of the Radius titles to our Bad Feather Library. We received a big ol’ box of books a week or so ago containing Julie Blackmon: Domestic Vacations, Charles Arnoldi, Mark Klett: Saguaros, Lee Friedlander: New Mexico and John McCracken: Sketchbook.

Radius profiles awe-inspiring work of individual artists and photographers. The books are designed with impeccable attention to detail and craft; printed and bound they are objects of beauty to behold in and of themselves. It would be difficult to say which book is our favorite, although Lee Friedlander’s photographs spark our New Mexico nostalgia with each turn of the page.


You can buy Radius books for your own library through their online store. If you’re the type to try before you buy, I recently spotted the Julie Blackmon and Lee Friedlander titles at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in NYC.