Launch: Fraenkel Gallery Website

Nearly a year in the works, we’re pretty darn proud to be the makers of the new Fraenkel Gallery website. Established in 1979, Fraenkel Gallery is a San Francisco photography gallery that features work by artists spanning from early masters to present day, including Lee Friedlander, Walker Evans, Edward Weston, Diane Arbus, Hiroshi Sugimoto and many more. The gallery has also published an extensive collection of books, including artist monographs and exhibition catalogs.

In the development of this heavily customized WordPress-driven website, we explored and pushed the database capabilities to the max in order to dynamically display the gallery’s extensive collection of artist works, exhibitions and publications. is intended to serve as a growing archive for the gallery as well as a resource for the history of photography and its relation to other arts.

Oh, and it’s responsive! Over the past year, Bad Feather has adapted its design practices to develop web layouts that adapt and respond to the ever-increasing range of device sizes and aspect ratios. The website looks beautiful on your smart phone, tablet or desktop web browser.