Website and Music Survey in the Hunt for an Assistant

We’re tackling some great new projects here at Bad Feather and March (like April thus far) was a very busy month. In an effort to manage our schedules and work flow, keep organized and maintain communication in the midst of all the design and development to be done, we set out to hire a studio assistant.

To help narrow down our search for candidates (our initial posting brought in more than 250 applications in just over 48 hours), we asked the following questions: What are your 3 favorite websites? What music are you listening to right now?

A pool of truly talented applicants emerged in the hunt, many of them listing some of our personal faves like and, and it seems everyone and their mother loves the new Animal Collective album and the “Dark Was the Night” compilation as much as we do. We were surprised by how many people responded with such obvious and uninteresting answers in the website department like and (where they found the posting), but a few gems were also brought to our attention, such as (you’re welcome for sharing) and

And who, you might ask, did we chose? The lovely Kristen Carlisle who listed and the new Lily Allen album, “It’s Not Me, It’s You” among her faves. Kristen most recently worked as an account strategist for Google before joining us here at Bad Feather and has quickly fit in taking turns as a featherriffic DJ while wrangling our projects and studio into order. We’re already beginning to wonder how we ever got along without her.